Vintage Hockey Teams

Victoria CougarsProfessional hockey in Victoria, British Columbia reached its apex when the Cougars won the Stanley Cup in 1925. Victoria defeated the popular Montreal Canadiens in their first of two Stanley Cup appearances in the 1920’s. When the Western Hockey League folded after the 1926 season the team was sold to Detroit eventually becoming the Red Wings.

Toronto St. PatricksBefore the Maple Leafs started a winning tradition in the hockey crazed city of Toronto it was the St. Patricks that were competing for Stanley Cups. In 1922 the St. Pats defeated the Vancouver Millionaires to capture the coveted Cup. This was their last Stanley Cup appearance before ownership sold the team in 1927.

Portland RosebudsProfessional Hockey came to Portland in 1914 as a member of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The Rosebuds made history by winning the PCHA Title and becoming the first American team to appear in a Stanley Cup Final. They will always be remembered with their name etched on the base ring of the Trophy.

Calgary TigersThe Tigers became the first professional hockey team based out of Calgary in 1920. Success came quick when they won the Western Canada Hockey League in 1924 to advance to the Stanley Cup finals. The Tigers were sold when the WCHL folded and no other team from Calgary would reach the Stanley Cup for another 80 years.

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