Top 10 Unique College Mascots

One of the greatest and oldest college traditions is the mascot. Often seen pacing the sidelines these characters of all shapes and sizes are critical for keeping fan moral high!  Mascots don’t just represent a school’s sports teams, but also the history and tradition of the institution. At Prep Sportswear we love clever mascots and Custom College Fan Gear, these are our favorites!

10. Southern Arkansas MuleridersThe Mulerider mascot of Southern Arkansas traces its history over 100 years. In the early 1900’s automobiles were scarce in the rural South which resulted in residents using other forms of transportation. The young men of the football team commonly used Mule’s for transportation around campus. One evening in 1912 the players arrived at their head coach’s house for a team dinner. Legend has it, while the riders dismounted, Coach Turrentine shouted to his players, “My Mule Riders!”

9. Henderson State Reddies- The school was originally nicknamed the “Reds” for their bright sports Jerseys. The name eventually shifted to “Reddies” and became the student body mantra. After a fire in 1914 almost destroyed the entire campus students had to decide if they wanted to transfer or rebuild the school. The decision to rebuild shows the “Reddie” spirit at its best!

8. Stetson HattersI can’t imagine many Stetson cowboy hat fans realize what’s on their head also represents a universities mascot. John B. Stetson, maker of the well-known hats, was named chairman of the board of Trustees in 1889. When the school fielded its first football team in 1901 they used the nickname Hatters and it’s still in use today.

7. New Orleans Privateers- Even though a Privateer might look like a pirate, they are two different identities with a very interesting history. Privateer was a term used for pirates pardoned by the U.S government in the 1800’s. After being pardoned these Privateers would go back out on the open seas to capture other pirates still pillaging.

6. Wichita State Shockers- Shockers is a great mascot because it’s so unique to the schools tradition and geography. Shocking is used to describe the process farmer’s use to harvest wheat. Early students would earn their tuition by shocking the nearby fields. Combine the name with the big yellow wheat design and it makes for an awesome mascot!

5. Campbell Fighting Camels- What a name! Camels are already one of the most unusual creatures in the animal kingdom. When you add “Fighting” to the equation, it makes for one of the funnier mascots in college athletics. If only a real Camel was able to energize fans at half time.

4. Evergreen State Geoducks- First and foremost let’s explain what a Geoduck is. Geoducks are enlarged Salt water clams native to the west coast of North America. This small school in the Pacific Northwest likes to beat to their own drum. Fight on Geoducks!

3. Saint Louis BillikensThe Billiken mascot was created over a hundred years ago by a Kansas City art teacher. This chubby, Buddha-like figure, with pixie ears was a rock star from the start and quickly caught on with SLU’s athletics. This loveable mascot will put a smile on your face and maybe even give you good luck.

2. Trinity Christian Trolls- This might come as a surprise but, Trinity Christian College in Illinois, is the only College in the country with a Troll mascot. The origin of the nickname is still unclear but Trolls have been spotted under a bridge near campus which has furthered the legend. Never has being called a Troll been such an honor.

1. UC Irvine Anteaters- If you want a clever mascot, allow your students the ability to submit whatever options they want. In 1965, the student body sided with “Peter the Anteater”! These far-out creatures live up to their name by eating up to 30,000 ants a day! Well done UC Irvine, you have come up with the most unique mascot college has to offer!

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