Behind the Line!

Welcome to Behind the Line, the official blog of all things Prep Sportswear!  It is our goal to use this space to give you more information on new products, new designs, how the site works, how we custom make your apparel just for you, what it’s like here at Prep Sportswear and much, much more! The possibilities are endless so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you’ll never miss a post.

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7 thoughts on “Behind the Line!

  1. Why don’t I see anything from Blanchet High School in Seattle, WA? It seems like a couple of years ago you had the school on your site but I don’t see them anymore.

  2. I am looking for sportswear from Central Catholic High School in Toledo, Ohio. Not sure why I don’t see any listing of the school. It is a very large private school, like several others here which I see listed in Toledo. I can’t believe it isn’t listed. Must be some mistake.

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