Touchdown King to be Crowned

As the 2014 high school football season continues through October, some of the nation’s top teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack. One of those teams is Folsom High School out of northern California. Folsom High currently ranks anywhere in the top 10 nationally. Jake Browning, quarterback for the northern California powerhouse is also separating himself from the nation’s other top QBs. He’s more than just a University of Washington signee. This weekend he has his eyes set on passing the national touchdown record. The record currently stands at 210.

Browning entered the 2014 season with 165 career touchdowns and more than 12,000 yards passing – both California state records. Through the first seven games of Folsom’s undefeated season, the UW commit has thrown for 43 touchdowns which leaves him just three away from breaking a record, once thought unbreakable. The team hoping to postpone this milestone is another undefeated squad out of Rocklin High School. The winner of this game will be the clear front runner in the Sierra Foothill League and primed for a deep run in the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs. Now, we call that a “Touchdown King”.

 Thanks Erik H for being a blog contributor.

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How To Look Good Even if You Play Bad

So somebody, perhaps your significant other, one of your friends or a client, wants you to play golf.  If you are new to the game, this could be an awkward experience.

Golf is a game steeped in history and there are a few golfing basics that you need to know before you walk up to that first tee box.

We are talking about how to dress appropriately for a shooting 18. Country clubs and even public courses often have very specific rules not only about etiquette, but also golf apparel.

Think of golf as dining at a fine restaurant. You will not only be judged on your manners, but also what you are wearing when you walk in the door. Don’t be the person that everyone in the place turns and makes comments about because they are woefully under dressed for establishment. Don’t dress to impress, dress to not be noticed.

Do you really want to bring more attention to yourself before you shank that first tee shot? If you are wearing proper attire the only people on the course that will know you can’t golf a lick are the ones in your foursome, the ones you hit standing in the next fairway over or those poor souls behind you.

For men, golf apparel is fairly standard. A short sleeved collared polo type shirt tucked-in to a pair of khakis or dress pants worn with a belt. Depending on the club, shorts may be considered acceptable golf attire. However, they must be dressy, golf shorts, and they must be worn with a belt. T-Shirts and denim should never be worn on the course.

Ladies’ golf attire is a little trickier. The rules are similar to what a man must wear, but some courses allow shorts and “skorts” although inseam length minimums vary. Rules on collars and belts also vary when talking women’s golf attire.

To be safe, we highly recommend checking with an employee of the course clubhouse to find out what type of dress is required of anyone hitting the links

We also recommend picking up a pair of golf shoes since you won’t be able to play in sandals or flip flops. Think of golf shoes as a dressier pair of soccer or baseball cleats. The shoes have rubber spikes on the bottom to help you grip into the ground for better leverage when hitting your shot.

To finish off the look pick up some kind of hat or visor as well as a golf glove. The hat helps keep the sun out of your eyes and actually helps keep your eyes more focused directly ahead of you. The glove, which you would wear on your non dominant hand, helps you keep a tighter grip on the club and also helps prevent you from getting blisters.

Your first golf outing will be a lot more relaxing if you show up looking the part. Golf is a fun game if you don’t take yourself too seriously. So have a good time dressing up and enjoying the great outdoors.


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Choosing a Sorority or Fraternity

Going to college is a major life event, and can be a very stressful venture.  Freshman year is arguably the toughest both educationally and socially for most students for a number of reasons.

From an educational perspective, you can expect coursework to be much more demanding than your senior year of high school. You also need to do a lot of forward-thinking regarding class requirements for your specific major.

Most new students will also experience social anxieties. For most of us, the main issue is that we will be living away from home for the first time in our lives. Now, as great as that freedom sounds, you lose a lot of comfort that comes with having family and friends around. In addition to taking classes, you need to fit in and make new friends.

Colleges boast huge numbers of both school sponsored and non-school sponsored clubs and activities. I would strongly recommend joining a group or club that not only interests you, but reinforces the same goals and values that you already have.

Joining a college sorority or fraternity can be a great experience for many young adults, as it offers students friendships and a sense of family that they need to complement those relationships from home.

Rushing a fraternity or sorority is an individual choice that is not for everyone, and choosing the right organization can be as difficult as choosing whether or not you will join a sorority or fraternity in the first place.

Because your membership at a fraternity or sorority can stay with you for your entire life, choosing the right sorority or fraternity has to be an personal choice. Choosing the right house will also have a huge impact on your success or failure at school. No matter which social group you fall into, there will be a house for you, but you have to know how to choose which one is for you without social pressure and outside intervention. Some houses revolve around one specific race, religion or ethnicity, while some others cater to athletes, the extremely smart or the party group. Regardless of how you chose, just know that there is a house out there for you.

The best advice we can give you is don’t try to be someone you are not just to fit in. Choose a group that you fit into without having to change who you are. Individuality is what makes leaders, and the world can never have too many leaders.

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