Vintage Pro Football Teams

Providence Steam RollersLong before the Patriots won championships for New England it was the Steam Rollers from Providence.  The Steam Rollers would be the only NFL team to play home games in the state of Rhode Island. They would win one Championship in 1928 before the team folded in 1933.

Staten Island StapletonsThe Stapletons were founded in 1915 as a local club football team but were admitted into the NFL in 1925. They would compete with other local New York City teams like the New York Giants and Brooklyn Football Dodgers. While the “Stapes” had success they couldn’t survive the Great Depression and had to fold in 1935.

Frankford Yellow JacketsThe First team to bring the state of Pennsylvania a professional football championship was the Frankford Yellow Jackets in 1926. Not only did the Yellow Jackets win the championship but also won a record 14 games that season. This record wouldn’t be broken until the San Francisco 49ers went 15-1 in 1984.

Cleveland BulldogsThe Cleveland Bulldogs have a short but very controversial history. Before 1933, a championship game did not exist in the NFL, so the team with the best record was considered champion. In 1924, a 7-1-1 Bulldogs squad was handed the Trophy over a Chicago Bears team that went 6-1-4 and beat the Bulldogs.

Boston YanksMost people would agree the Nickname “Yanks” doesn’t sound right in a city like Boston. Team owner Ted Collins went with Yanks in hopes of someday moving his team to Yankee Stadium. In 1950, Collins dream came true when he relocated to New York and started playing home games in the historic Yankee Stadium.

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