Create Your Perfect Halloween Costume

Why wait until the last minute to find your perfect costume when you can start now? Halloween may be right around the corner but it’s not too late to find your costume. Are you wondering how to make it clever yet unique? Prep Sportswear is sparking your imagination and creativity by showing you a few ways you can customize our apparel to make your own individual costume.


Are you secretly a Bayside High School student at heart? If so, we’ve got everything you need to make it happen this Halloween! Saved by the Bell was one of the most popular TV shows in its time and you’re sure to remember the good times with our Saved by the Bell costume ideas. Copy Kelly Kapowski’s unforgettable style with our women’s Bayside High School sweatshirt. Pair it with high-waited jeans and get that iconic 80’s look. If you’re more of a Zach Morris fan, break out that eight pound cell phone and sport our men’s Bayside Tigers tank. If AC Slater was your guy, our Bayside High School football jersey is the perfect piece for you. Get all the babes in Slater’s jersey with his name and number on the back. We have more Bayside High School apparel if you want to make a group costume and dress up as the whole Saved by the Bell crew! 

savedbythebell-tankac slatersavedbythebell-jersey

Vampires and Ghosts won’t measure up to this costume! Whether you want to be Coach Eric Taylor or fullback Tim Riggins, we have the perfect Friday Night Lights costume for you. Not only does our Panthers Polo feature the logo of the Dillon Panthers, a team from the beloved show, but it can also be customized to say “coach” to take your costume over the top. Combine it with the Dillion High School hat and you’ve got a believable Coach Eric Taylors costume!

fridaynightlights-hatcoach fridaynightlights-polo

Show off your love for the show as dressing up as Tim Riggins with a Panthers football jersey. If you would rather be cheering on the sidelines, pair our women’s tank with a skirt for an easy Dillion High School cheerleader costume. No matter which character you choose, you can find the ideal Friday Night Lights costume!

riggins timdilliontank

Easy to create and effortless to wear, our military and government apparel is perfect for a simple costume. If you want to dress up and pretend to be in the service for the night or just show your support, our military and government apparel can be a great costume choice for you. We carry the largest collection of customizable apparel for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard here. If you want to channel Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad, shave your head and dress up in a DEA polo. For a more serious costume, wear an FBI shirt and find some spy gadgets at a store nearby. Get all your government costume needs before it’s too late!

DEA hank FBI

To show off some old-school pride this Halloween, simply represent your favorite vintage team with our collection of vintage fan gear. Dress up in your team’s gear and customize it for an easy and versatile costume. Want to go all out? Turn your pride into a costume by wearing some zombie make-up and bringing your favorite players back from the dead. We carry vintage baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and even college teams. Do it right and you’re sure to scare even the most dedicated fan!

 pottsville-maroonszombie washongton-bullets

Fool everyone this Halloween with a smart and original costume! Still not inspired? Think about some of your favorite players, characters or popular schools in movies and look them up at Prep Sportswear. We carry the largest collection of customizable fan apparel and are sure to answer your costume needs.

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