Prep Tips: Customization

Prep Sportswear is the perfect place to shop and customize an assortment of fan gear. Whether it’s a school t-shirt, college sweatshirt, sorority tank, or military jacket, we have you covered from head to toe. Most customers of Prep Sportswear don’t know the extent you can customize your fan apparel. You have the power to choose your favorite design, color, style, activity and more. Add your name and number on the back of certain products to make your fan gear truly one-of-a-kind! Here are some Prep Tips that can help you make the most of your customization experience.

Prep Tip #1: Pick Your Unique Activity

Did you know you can pick more than just popular sports as your favorite activity? Find a variety of designs for clubs, family members, academic departments, school events and more. Simply slick on “View All Activities” and drill down until you find your perfect design.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Prep Tip #2: Choose Your Text Colors

Take your customization one step further by editing the design text! If you don’t like the featured color, you can click on “Edit Colors” and choose from a variety of colors. Pick your favorite color or choose your school colors.

Activity 4

Activity 5

Prep Tip #3: Customize the Back

If the item you’re looking at shows an option to display the back, that means you can add your own name and number. Click on the “Back” image and type in your name and number. From there you can choose the design you like the best. For further personalization, click “Edit Colors” and choose the colors you think look best.

Activity 3


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