Create Your Own Team with Our New Team Store

How’s it feel to be in charge of your own team store? You’re about to find out! Now YOU can make custom-designed fan apparel for your own team, organization, or club using our Team Store. Create clothing your way in an incredibly fast and fun environment with Prep Sportswear. We offer thousands of apparel items and accessory choices to personalize with your team name. Make your own personalized corporate event clothing or alumni apparel. We’ve got endless style, design and color options. Here’s how:


This new addition to Prep Sportswear will take your team clothing to the next level. To create your custom team apparel, simply click here or on the ‘Teams’ link on the Prep Sportswear homepage. Fill out the Team Store Builder with your team information, such as name, mascot, and colors. Customize clothing and personalize any of our products to coordinate with accessories, like custom duffel bags, backpacks, and towels.


For those who have never managed a team store, don’t worry. It’s so simple! Once your store is created, you can find thousands of products ready to be customized. The products in your store will be tailored to your team name and colors, making it easy for you to design the perfect product for you. Shop an assortment of men’s apparel, women’s clothing, and accessories for everyone.



A customer of Prep Sportswear will know that customizing is easy! Once you find the product you want, click through our collection of fun and full-color graphic design templates to create the perfect piece of fan apparel. Whether you want a classic look or something edgy, you’ll find a design that’s just right. Take customization further by adding your name and number on the back! With so many options, the possibilities are endless.


Secret or public, the audience of your team store is up to you. You can share it with friends and family or keep it for personal use. Made a mistake when creating your store? We understand nothing is forever. That’s why you can make edits to your store as often as you like. Want to change your mascot or colors? No problem! Your team store is completely designed by you. Once changes are made, your store will be updated in a matter of seconds. How’s that for easy!

Message or call Prep Sportswear whenever you have any questions regarding your store. We’re here to help. We make it easy to design team apparel for men, women and kids. Create the best personalized t-shirts and clothing instantly with our online tools. Let your imagination take the lead. Got 30 seconds? Make your custom team apparel now!

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