Who’s looking for a new Sport?

Are you tired of playing the traditional sports like basketball, soccer, or tennis? Looking for a new way to exercise while competing in a competitive team sport? Netball could be the sport for you! Netball has been extremely popular in the British Commonwealth for over a hundred years, and has mainly been played as a women’s version of basketball. This seven on seven sport is played on a court very similar to basketball but has nets with no backboards. Only two players on each team have the ability to score and no contact is allowed after a player has possession. Dribbling is also outlawed which makes court spacing and constant movement a necessity! Each basket is worth one point and the team with the highest point total after 60 minutes is the winner.

Millions of spectators watched the 2015 Netball World Cup championship last Sunday in Sydney, Australia. The Final matched the home country with a very talented New Zealand squad. The Aussie’s avenged a loss in pool play to their rivals 58-55 to take their third straight World Cup. While netball doesn’t get much coverage in the United States it still has a following in places like New York where the United States of America Netball Association was created in 1992. While the International Netball Federation only recognizes women’s netball the sport is also widely played by men and coed teams are starting to pop up all over Australia.

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